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Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

J59W+GMV, Talkatora Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110004, India
New Delhi Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum located in New Delhi, Delhi. Avarage rating of this place is 4.70 out of 5 stars by 1799 votes. The street address of this place is J59W+GMV, Talkatora Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110004, India.

Where Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is located at?
Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is located at J59W+GMV, Talkatora Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110004, India.
What is the contact number of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum?
The contact number of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is +91 11 2301 5321
Customer Reviews

Defi Andry 2 months ago

Great museum with a lot of collections from India presidents. From antique chariots to cars, souvenirs/gifts from other countries.\n\nDisplay of India's heroes and renowned people. Belonging of late president well preserved in display.\n\nThis museum is best place to bring your family to know more about history of India.\n\nEntry ticket purchase online, bag xray check and ID check upon entry. No foods allowed. Only allowed to bring water.\n\nWe come on Saturday, no battery cart, so we have to walk for about 300meters from entry gate to the museum. But it's very nice view of officers housing and trees along the way

Komal Adhav 2 months ago

Great place to visit with an exhaustive list of antiques and history of British India and independent India. They have a guided tour of the place so you get an idea of what is where and then you can explore by yourself. Have an exhaustive and not too pricey memorabilia at the entrance of the museum. Purchased some commemorative items and curios from here. Very helpful and polite and friendly staff and not too crowded a definite must visit.

Manabesh Nath 2 months ago

It is a mandatory visit if someone is in Delhi. Feels surreal to be in the August house of th President of India. The decor, the design, the paintings, the dining halls, the banquet halls and the study suite of the President are a thing of beauty. It feels historical to be in those rooms and seeing first hand the inside of the house and it's associated memories.

Abhijit Nikalje 2 months ago

I was not sure how the experience would be, as Circuit 2 was an second option as we did not get time slot for Circuit 1. But this was a wonderful experience. Once a stable then a garage and now the Museum, this place is filled with brimful of history of our presidents.\nQuite some to see. The Museum houses some of the latest technologies like VR, where you walk along with Gandhi ji, to Hologram avatars of all our past Presidents. Other than this is houses the President’s bullet proof vehicle and 100 years old Victorian Buggy and many other Buggies.\nIts a guided tour of about an hour, a must visit for kids to understand our President.

Madhulika Liddle 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing museum that showcases Rashtrapati Bhawan and the presidents. On display are exhibits that range from Lutyens and Baker's blueprints to gifts received by the presidents, to personal belongings of the presidents. There's also a fascinating section on the kitchens, which includes old crockery, glassware, silverware and cookware.

Abhishek Gupta 2 months ago

Wonderful place to visit. Take your kids along with you. This was Pranob Mukherjee's brainchild. Earlier this was a garage of Rashtrapati bhawan but it was converted to a museum.\nArtifact's of all former president's is available in the museum. There is a guided tour which starts at seperate intervals. The guided tour is a must for understanding the details about Rashtrapati bhawan.\nThis is a great place to learn about Indian heritage and culture.\nThe place is not crowded as limited people can only visit. You need to apply online to get the entry pass.

Suvrajit chaudhury 2 months ago

Located circuit 2 of Rastrapati bhawan visit. Very beautiful and well decorated area.\nAir conditioned hall.\nThis museum stores all important items related to President of India. It has two buildings. Both buildings consists various items. Must visit area in delhi.

Pal Zom 2 months ago

This was a new experience. The historical pieces were displayed in such a that the visitors could get a close up of it and yet not ruin the works. This place was so huge that me and my friends got tired of walking lol. They even had a 4D experience where you can appear in a pic with Gandhiji.

J59W+GMV, Talkatora Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110004, India
+91 11 2301 5321
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