230 reviews

Spicy Bites Restaurant

D-26/4 Narad Ghat, Varanasi, India
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

Spicy Bites Restaurant located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Avarage rating of this place is 4.20 out of 5 stars by 230 votes. The street address of this place is D-26/4 Narad Ghat, Varanasi, India.

Where Spicy Bites Restaurant is located at?
Spicy Bites Restaurant is located at D-26/4 Narad Ghat, Varanasi, India.
What is the contact number of Spicy Bites Restaurant?
The contact number of Spicy Bites Restaurant is +91 99355 16530
Customer Reviews

Maria Bu 6 months ago

My fav dining place in Varanasi (2 visits, total nearly 1 month). In Spicy bites you find a big diverse menu (veg, non veg, indian, international), real bean coffee, delicious meals and warm welcoming atmosphere. For those concerned about health and cleaniness - you can trust this place 100%.

Joan González Villá 6 months ago

The food here is delicious. The actual place doesn't look like the one in the pictures (I think it shares the area with the german bakery next to it) but if you see spicy bites written on the wall, just get in and enjoy the food. I highly recommend the Paneer butter masala ????\nThe staff is really friendly as well and the prices are very reasonable.

Shubham Singhal 6 months ago

We were just mind blown with the taste of the Indian chicken egg and veg dishes this place serves! Our first meal quickly converted into frequenting this place for some really tasty and healthy Indian cuisine!! The staff is helpful in suggesting the best options for you. Must try: chicken spinach and egg curry

Trypp Adams 6 months ago

I stopped here for lunch and a strawberry lassi. Great food, good service, affordable prices. One of the better places I ate in Varanasi.

Willow Lay 6 months ago

I came here everyday for a week! Very kind and friendly staff and fresh meals. Prices and the food are better here than surrounding sit down places too.\n\nI tried the pancake, dal and nan, chinese fried rice, American breakfast, fresh juices, tea and coffee, omelets, and more. All of them were delicious. Would highly recommend!

Gill Balcaen 6 months ago

Had good recommendations from friends for this place and can easily get how it can offer a great experience. nevertheless, the experience we had was average at best: the butter used for the butter nan had passed its due date, the orange juices were ok, but definitely nothing more. the banana-dates shake I had, was basically a banana shake with some chunks of date on the bottom of the glass. got rice in stead of the ordered nan, waiter couldn't explain what ingredients were in their recommended drinks, service took long (but to be fair, thats common here). I had the tikka masala and it was quite good. my dining partner had egg curry and was not that convinced.

Vlada Gill 6 months ago

Love this place. It's a home away from home.I'm glad to return there each time I come to Varanasi. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the place is clean, prices are decent and the food is delicious . There is also a small gallery of local artist Sanjay that works in traditional painting manner and also gives lessons

Asha Upalekar 6 months ago

And it was great. Four adults and four kids for dinner on a Saturday night in May. We arrived pretty late for Varanasi and were really well looked after. The only people in the restaurant that late was our group. I’m always a bit wary of a menu with so much choice. I was with the Japanese side of the family so went with that cuisine and it was good. Had to wait a while but we were starving. Would go back if ever there again. The Lemon Naan is irresistibly tasty and they make all the western dishes too. The price is fair according to the quality of food that they serve. Keep it up!