goSTOPS Varanasi

Plot No. B-20/47, A-2 Vijaya Nagaram Colony Behind LG Store on Three Way Junction next to Bhelupur Overhead Water Tank, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India

goSTOPS Varanasi is a hotel, bed & breakfast, extended stay hotel, guest house, hostel, lodge, motel, student dormitory and youth hostel located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The average rating of this place is 4.20 out of 5 stars based on 1150 reviews. The street address of this place is Plot No. B-20/47, A-2 Vijaya Nagaram Colony Behind LG Store on Three Way Junction next to Bhelupur Overhead Water Tank, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India. It is about 1.71 kilometers away from the Manduadih railway station.

Where is goSTOPS Varanasi located?
goSTOPS Varanasi is located at Plot No. B-20/47, A-2 Vijaya Nagaram Colony Behind LG Store on Three Way Junction next to Bhelupur Overhead Water Tank, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India.
What is the contact number for goSTOPS Varanasi?
The contact number for goSTOPS Varanasi is +91 74288 82828
What is the nearest railway station from goSTOPS Varanasi?
Manduadih railway station is the nearest railway station to goSTOPS Varanasi. It is nearly 1.71 kilometers away from it.
What people say about goSTOPS Varanasi

Kailas Dath 6 months ago

Cozy Stay with Room for Improvement

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I recently had the opportunity to stay at a goStops hostel in Varanasi, situated a little further away from the bustling Varanasi ghats. Overall, my experience was okay, with a mix of positive and negative aspects to consider.

One of the standout features of this hostel was its cozy atmosphere. The ambiance was warm and inviting, making it easy to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring the city. The staff members were friendly and accommodating, always ready to assist with any queries or requests I had during my stay. Their attentive service made me feel welcomed and valued as a guest.

However, there were some areas that required improvement, particularly in terms of cleanliness. One noticeable issue was the broken toilet. It was inconvenient to have only one functional toilet available for the entire hostel, and this definitely affected the overall comfort of the stay. Additionally, the cleanliness of the beds left something to be desired. While the hostel had potential, the lack of attention to bed cleanliness was a disappointment.

Despite these shortcomings, the hostel's positive aspects helped balance out the experience. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff made up for the cleanliness concerns to some extent. However, I believe it is crucial for the management to prioritize cleanliness and maintenance to ensure a more satisfactory stay for future guests.

If the issues with cleanliness and the broken toilet were addressed, this hostel could become a much more appealing option for visitors to Varanasi. With its current offering, it is an okay choice for those who prioritize a cozy and welcoming atmosphere but are willing to overlook some cleanliness concerns.

In conclusion, my stay at this hostel in Varanasi was a mixed bag. While the service and staff were commendable, there were notable cleanliness issues and a broken toilet that need attention. I hope that the management takes these concerns seriously and takes the necessary steps to improve the overall experience for future guests.

Sri Satya 6 months ago

Affordable heaven

I recently had the pleasure of staying at goStops Varanasi Hostel for 15 days, and I must say it was an absolutely tremendous experience. From the moment I arrived until the day I checked out, everything about this hostel exceeded my expectations.

First and foremost, the staff at goStops Varanasi were incredibly friendly, welcoming, and helpful. They greeted me with warm smiles and provided all the necessary information about the hostel and the local area. Whether I needed recommendations for places to visit, help with booking transportation, or any other assistance, they were always available and eager to assist.

The hostel itself was clean, comfortable, and well-maintained. The dormitory rooms were spacious and equipped with comfortable beds, individual lockers, and charging points. The common areas were cozy and inviting, providing a great space to relax, socialize, and meet fellow travelers. The rooftop terrace, in particular, offered breathtaking views of the city and the Ganges River, making it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the serene atmosphere of Varanasi.

One of the highlights of my stay was the hostel's vibrant and inclusive community. The hostel organized various activities and events that brought guests together, such as movie nights, group dinners, and walking tours. These experiences allowed me to meet people from different cultures and forge meaningful connections. The hostel staff also facilitated interactions among guests, creating a warm and friendly environment that made me feel like I was part of a big family.

Furthermore, goStops Varanasi Hostel's location was ideal for exploring the city. Situated in a central area, it was within walking distance of popular attractions, bustling markets, and the famous ghats along the Ganges River. This convenience allowed me to immerse myself in the unique charm and spirituality of Varanasi without any hassle.

Last but not least, the hostel's commitment to cleanliness and safety was commendable. They followed strict hygiene protocols, which gave me peace of mind during my stay, especially considering the ongoing global pandemic. The staff regularly cleaned and sanitized all common areas and ensured that hand sanitizers were readily available throughout the hostel.

In conclusion, my 15-day stay at goStops Varanasi Hostel was an unforgettable experience. The friendly staff, comfortable accommodation, engaging community, and prime location made it an ideal base for exploring the city. I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone looking for an incredible and authentic stay in Varanasi. Whether you're a solo traveler or part of a group, goStops Varanasi is the perfect place to create lasting memories and forge connections with fellow adventurers.

Himanshu dugar 9 months ago

As its the 1st property of go-stop so the facilities are basic and fittings are antique, but its a nice place,gives a next level of vibe ,crowd is also good....the only drawback i have faced is the location its difficult to find transportation facilities you have to walk around 400-500mt for auto n all, downtown is also far i.e 2.6 km , if you want quite location and good crowd then this place is best but if you want to explore more near the downtown the i would suggest to skip this place .
Lastly i would like to thank the host who gave us a warm welcome and best hospitality ????

Plot No. B-20/47, A-2 Vijaya Nagaram Colony Behind LG Store on Three Way Junction next to Bhelupur Overhead Water Tank, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
+91 74288 82828
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